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Today, unlike any other day, I woke up early and went to work. Life takes on an entirely different meaning when work somewhat changes. All the energy and effort to become a successful employee increases when all the chips are on the table. It's all on you long after the adrenaline wears off. What you do matters. Every comment you make on social media, everything you wear, agree with, or disagree with (that's if you decide to speak on the matter) will play a factor in how your brand is perceived. Knowing how to use this as an advantage while networking to develop a brand is essential. Trusting the process at times can mean holding off on projects to ensure they're ready. If you tend to move slower, you may fall behind when it comes to deadlines. If you move too fast, you can miss something. Find your balance, win your race, tell your story. To me, finding your balance consists of understanding when to delegate and when to be hands-on. Time will prove to be the ultimate teacher. What you do with yours will determine your success.


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